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Landscape Maintenance

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Landscape Management

ProQual Landscaping specializes in creating customized Landscape Management plans for our Homeowners Association customers, with the focus on “Enhancing the Value” of your community.

We strive to AMAZE you with our service!


  • World Class Communication
  • Multi-year Landscape Management planning
  • Community Mapping of Landscape Assets
  • Community Involvement and Board Meeting Attendance
  • Flexible to fit the needs of each customer
  • Always Knowledgeable, Kind and Courteous



Water Management

Our Certified Water Management Team specializes in maintaining a healthy and attractive landscape, while reducing water consumption. We achieve this by utilizing state of the art technology.

Water is our most precious resource. ProQual Landscaping will be your Water Management partner, and ensure that your water is being managed properly!!

  • State of the Art Water Management Tracking
  • Irrigation Water Audit
  • Water Budget Calculations
  • Photo Documentation of all completed work
  • “Smart” Irrigation Systems, utilizing tablet and Smart Phone devices
  • Online Water Management System
  • Proactive scheduling, based on satellite weather data

Tree Care Services

Trees are an investment and one of your communities most valuable landscape assets. ProQual's Certified Tree Division is committed to maintaining those assets, by providing you with professional tree management services, custom fit to your community.

  • Certified Arborist Supervised Tree Crews
  • GIS/GPS Mapping & Inventories
  • Custom Tailored Tree Management Planning
  • Trimming, Thinning & Crown Reduction
  • Tree Removal and Stump Grinding
  • Deep Root Fertilization

Landscape Maintenance

Performing the “regular” Landscape Maintenance services is the foundation of any Landscape Management program. Our professional Landscape Maintenance crews are trained to maintain your community to the highest standards, day in and day out.

  • Customized Weekly Cycle Rotations
  • Regular Communication and reporting
  • Board meeting attendance
  • Landscape Maintenance based on ALCA Sustainable Landscape Management standards.
  • Weed Control services
  • Turf Management Services
  • English speaking crews
  • Uniformed, courteous and professional
  • Clean, well marked vehicles



Enhanced Services

Our experienced team works with your community, to implement a custom tailored plan, designed to make the community a more desirable place to live.

Our #1 objective at ProQual Landscaping is to enhance the value of your Community!

  • Multiyear Planning
  • Landscape Design Services
  • Granite Replenishment
  • Irrigation System Renovation
  • Plant and Tree Installation
  • Turf Area Conversions
  • Erosion Control and repair
  • Extruded Curbing
  • Concrete and Hardscape repair/installation
  • Financing Available*
  • 2 year Warranty, Best in Industry!




Team Member since: 2004

Bringing his extensive Customer Service and Business Management experience to ProQual Landscaping, Scott has set out to build a premier Landscape Management company, specializing in larger Homeowners Associations. In his free time, Scott enjoys traveling, being outdoors, various motorsports, and loves spending time with his wife and two daughters!


Senior Account Manager

Team Member since: 2009

Mike comes with 20 years of experience in the landscape industry. With a vast knowledge in Irrigation and Water Management, Mike started at ProQual Landscaping as the Irrigation Division Supervisor in 2009. Utilizing his overall landscape knowledge and excellent customer service skills, Mike has worked is way up to Account Manager and is currently a key player on our Senior Management Team. Outside of work, Mike enjoys spending time with his fiance and his two Boxer/Rottweiler puppies. He is also known for his skills on the BBQ!


Senior Account Manager

Team Member since: 2011

Glen has been in the Landscape industry for over 10 years. His well-rounded experience extends from maintenance crew level, to Spray Division, to operations management. Glen joined the ProQual team in 2011 as an Account Manager and has worked his way up as part of our Senior Management Team. Glen enjoys spending his time with his wife and two kids. He also loves to spend any extra time he has drumming!!


Operations Manager

Team Member since: 2014

Jay started his career on the vendor side, after receiving his degree in Horticulture at Arizona State University. He offers an extensive product knowledge in the field of landscape material, experience in fleet management and logistics, as well as customer service and overall account management. Putting all those skills together, he currently holds the position of Operations Manager at ProQual Landscaping and plays a key roll in our Management Team. Jays spare time is spent with his Wife and 2 year old son. Jay also loves to play golf and enjoys an active lifestyle.


Tree Division Manager - ISA Certified Arborist

Team Member since: 2011

Derek has been working in the field of Tree Care since 2008. He has worked his way up in the field, and has been an essential part of ProQual's Tree Management Division. Today, Derek utilizes his Certified Arborist credentials by managing the day-to-day operations of our Tree Division. In his free time, Derek enjoys spending time with his Girlfriend and Stepdaughter. He also loves playing his guitar and keeping up with the latest technology.


Team Member since:


Project Manager - Enhancement Division

Team Member since: 2012

Tim's experience in construction, landscape management and team leadership are just a few of his largest assets. As a Project Manager for our Enhancement Division, Tim works with our customers, management team and vendors, to ensure our projects are completed with 100% Customer Satisfaction. Tim has been a key player over the years at ProQual, and we are always excited to see the amazing work his crews perform. Tim enjoys spending his free time with his Fiancé. He also loves sports, hunting and all things outdoors.


Team Member since:


Office Manager

Team Member since: 2008

Kara received her degree in Accounting from University of Massachusetts. Since joining the ProQual Team in 2008, she has been a key component to managing our company growth and in a vital part of our Management Team. Kara is our "ROCK" and makes sure that all day-to-day office operations are run in a smooth and professional manner. Her experience in Accounting, Human Resources and Office Management are invaluable. Kara enjoys spending time with her Husband and three kids. She also loves going to baseball games.


Accounting Department

Team Member since: 2011

Lori has been a part of our team since 2011. Lori's skills vary from accounting, collections, marketing, executive assistant and customer support. Lori loves to spend her time with her Fiancé, family, friends and her dogs.


Field Supervisor - Maintenance Division

Team Member since: 2011

Gabriel comes with many years of Landscape Experience, and has worked his way up over the years. His experience allows him to manage multiple landscape maintenance crews, and is in charge of Quality and Training. When Gabriel has free time he enjoys spending time with his family and friends.


Field Supervisor - Maintenance Division

Team Member since: 2004

Francisco has been with ProQual since 2004. He has managed one of our largest HOA communities for many of those years, and has worked his way up to Field Supervisor, and is now managing several landscape maintenance crews. His experience in managing large communities is a key asset to ProQual, and allows him to work with his crew to ensure success. Francisco enjoys spending his free time with his friends and family.


Lead Technician - Water Management Division

Team Member since: 2012

Ben started with ProQual in 2012, and is now one of our Water Management Division leaders. With his increasing knowledge and great attitude, Ben is a guy that we can always rely on to get the job completed. He oversees our West Valley technicians and supervises the installation, programming and implementation of our West Valley "Smart Water" systems. When Ben has free time he loves just spending time with his wife and kids.

Core Values

We believe that our core values and company culture is what defines us at ProQual Landscaping, and sets us apart from our competition! These are the core values that we live by at ProQual:

1. AMAZE Our Customers

Whatever we do, AMAZE our customers. We AMAZE our customers by providing stellar service and an overall experience that is above and beyond what is expected.

ProQual is not an average company. Our service is not average and we do not want our people to be average. We seek to AMAZE in all that we do.

2. Never Accept Status Quo

As a growing company,we are constantly changing.The saying "that's how we've always done it" is nonexistent. We are always seeking new technology, innovative ideas, and improved ways to increase the value of our services. With this, we strive to be a leader in our industry.

3. Have Fun

One thing that makes ProQual different from a lot of other companies is that we see the value in having fun. We Smile, Laugh, and Enjoy what we do.

4. Pursue Growth

It is important to constantly challenge and push yourself to grow, both personally and professionally. It is our goal to help each other to grow, share our knowledge, and develop our skills together as a team.

5. Build Trusting Relationships

It's simple. Do What You Say You Are Going To Do.

Strong, positive relationships that are open and honest are a large part of our culture. Strong relationships allow us to accomplish much more than we would be able to otherwise.


We are more than just a team though, we are a family. We watch out for each other, care for each other, we go above and beyond for each other, we believe in each other, and we trust each other. Our bond go far beyond the typical "coworker" relationships found at most other companies.

We are successful together, as a TEAM.

7. Fueled by Passion

We are passionate about what we are doing and where we are going. Our passion, determination, perseverance,and the sense of urgency allow us to reach our goals and overcome any obstacle that stands in our way. There is excitement in knowing that everyone you work with is fueled by passion and has the same desire as you do, to be successful.

8. Be Respectful Of Everyone

Treat people the way you want to be treated. Common courtesy and respect is deserved by all.

Employee Development

The foundation of ProQual Landscaping is our employees. They are the individuals that you will see at work day after day. ProQual Landscaping attracts, motivates and retains the most qualified employees. Every employee, from our talented office staff, laborers, foremen and supervisors, to our management team, is involved in ongoing training programs to further our employee's knowledge and skill.

These training programs are powerful and effective tools in providing excellence and an incredible value to our clients. Making sure we take care of our employees, "treating every employee as you would want to be treated" is a fundamental business principle. Our employees are provided with the responsibility and authority to get the job done on time and at the highest level of quality. With responsibility comes accountability and every employee will be accountable to our customers.

Training & Education

Continuous Training and Education is an integral piece of our company philosophy. We believe that knowledge is key and the more education that we have in our field of expertise, the more confidence we can instill in our clients that we are giving them the most innovative and knowledgeable landscape management support in the industry. Many of the employees at ProQual have grown themselves by attending industry education classes, workshops and seminars and hold certifications such as:

Arizona Certified Landscape Professional (ACLP)
Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor
Certified Arborist International Society of Arboriculture
Office of Pest Management Licensed Applicator
Smartscape Certification
Certified Arizona Association Manager

Our training and education programs are not limited internally to ProQual. We are committed to making sure that our knowledge and experience is available by offering industry related training to all of our partners including Community Managers, Property Managers, homeowners and board members and all other industry peers that would benefit from the information we can provide. Meticulously compiled landscape management information is presented in many venues such as: luncheon seminars, newsletters, and articles composed for websites and homeowner informational mailers. All informational documents are written in a fashion to help the individual understand what we are doing on a large scale, but also to help the individual service their own property.

Safety & Quality Control

Excellence in Safety is a matter of practice at ProQual Landscaping. All employees at ProQual, from ownership to field workers, take everyone’s safety seriously. Maintaining an exemplary safety record in the field allows us to pass on to our clients the savings that result from a lower number of on-the-job accidents.

ProQual Philosophies of Excellent Safety:

Injuries don’t have to happen. By implementing proper procedures and conducting on-the-job safety training we are able to prevent a large percentage of accidents.
Once proper training is completed our employees accept responsibility and are committed to doing what has been taught in order to prevent accidents.
Ultimately Management is responsible for the safety of those who report to them. With follow through and communication, ProQual’s management staff takes accident prevention to the next level.

Quality Control
Quality is in our name! We have cultivated a multi-tier Quality Control Program that we utilize as a strong partnership tool between us and our clients. It is our intent to ensure that we are exceeding the expectations of the clients on every level and that they do not have to spend their valuable time managing our systems and processes. This interactive program requires timely and straight forward feedback from the client in order to help us to continuously improve our level of service and fine tune our processes. ProQual is a full service landscape management company providing our clients in Arizona all of their Landscaping needs with an inherent level of professionalism and steadfast, quality workmanship. ProQual is driven to ensure our clients have the peace of mind that their landscape is being managed by an industry leader. Through an extensive communication and follow-up process we shall provide you with the best customer service in the industry.

We are about relationships! It is our experience that when you care it makes a difference. ProQual is inclined to meet with our clients, listen to their specialized needs for their properties and form a partnership built on faith and trust that we are all on the same team with the same common goals and commitment to complete end user satisfaction. Through this unique relationship, we shall develop a customized landscape services package based on the individual clients' expectations and needs. We tailor landscape management programs for HOA's resorts, business parks, retail developments and multi-housing developments.

Our team consists of hard working crews in the field and dedicated employees in our offices. We conduct our relationships with honesty and integrity using a knowledgeable, well-trained professional staff. ProQual Landscaping resources include state of the art equipment, the latest technologies and treatments, and comprehensive insurance. All of this provides customers with the assurance that knowledgeable professionals manage their projects.

Equipment & Technology

When our supervisor and crew arrives on your property to provide landscaping services, you will immediately notice the ProQual difference. We strive to maintain a professional appearance when in and around your property. Our vehicles and equipment are up to date and well maintained. You will never have to feel embarrassed when our team is is working on your grounds.


ProQual maintains a complete in-house equipment service center at our corporate office to ensure smooth-running tools and equipment for our landscape maintenance staff. Well maintained equipment allows us to keep tight schedules and reduce any delays due to mechanical failure of any kind. We make sure that our trucks arrive on your site in tip-top condition and sparkling clean.

Keeping up with the latest equipment gives ProQual the advantage to complete our services in an efficient, timely manner.



ProQual uses the most advanced technology available for both internal and customer communication. Our supervisors are able to provide immediate notice of any issue along with photo documentation to our corporate office via cellular networks. So, don't be surprised to see our supervisors on your property with their iPads and smart phones.

When it comes to water management and irrigation, ProQual is ahead of the competition. Our satellite monitored water control systems make automatic adjustments to save on water usage and expenses. These controllers are so smart, they even know when it's going to rain! Contact us to start saving money on water today.

Community Involvement

ProQual Landscaping wants to be more than just your Landscape Management vendor, we want to be a part of your community!

  • Onsite Meetings
  • Board Meetings
  • Community Events
  • The ProQual Party Wagon


ProQual Landscaping is a member and supporter of the Arizona Landscape Contractors Association.

The Arizona Landscape Professional Certification (ACLP) program is a professional landscape education program, sponsored by ALCA. This challenging series of workshops, covers 11 landscape topics. Both written and practical exams are given twice per year.

ProQual Landscaping has several Certified Arborists on staff.

Certified Arborists are individuals who have achieved a level of knowledge in the art and science of tree care through experience and by passing a comprehensive examination developed by some of the nation's leading experts on tree care. Certified Arborists must also continue their education to maintain their certification.

ProQual Landscaping has Certified Irrigation Professionals that are committed to managing water efficiently.

Each Account Manager and Irrigation Technician keep their skills and knowledge up to date by attending ongoing classes providing by the Irrigation Association. By keeping current with the latest techniques, technologies, products and applications, ProQual Landscaping is able to stay on the cutting edge of Water Management.



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